5 January, 2013

App tips

the Simpsons tapped out is a really funny game, kinda like FarmVille but you’re re-building Springfield. It is available on AppStore.


This is my Springfield, I am on level 8. My username is ThisIsPetraan if you want to add me as your neighbor.😄

4 January, 2013


Hi guys!
Just got out of the shower and now I’m gonna watch some tv. My hair is growing longer and longer, but when it dries it gets short as usual… Hate it!

Aside of that, tomorrow I am going to my cousins birthday party. It is going to be so much fun!

20130104-195805.jpgI just got out of the shower, alright? You look like this when you do that😋😘.

3 January, 2013

This vs That

New category called this vs that. I’m gonna write two things and the one with fat letters is the one I choose. Pretty easy to understand.
Range Rover vs Volvo

I’m going to put a translate on my blog soon so you can translate to your language

2 January, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

Top: Gina Tricot
Jeans: H&M
Socks: H&M
Watch: Regal
Phone case: Gift
iPhone: Tre
Don’t even talk about how I look today, having a relax day.

2 January, 2013


My iPhone 4 arrived today! So just because this is a special occasion I will give you a picture I took with it right now!


1 January, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from me here in Sweden!!! Hope you have a great start of 2013. Damn, I recently lerned to whrite 2012 instead of 2011…


31 December, 2012

Photo shoot


30 December, 2012

My week

Monday(Christmas eve)When I woke up I went to the christmas tree and took a sneek peek on my gifts. Later that day I went to my cousins and ate dinner and opened my presents!

Tuesday(Christmas day): I wasted this day just chilling by the TV. I whatched cooking programs all day! And ate chocolate candy that I’ve made.

Wednesday(Boxing day): At two o’clock I ate brunch at grandma’s, meat, rise and sause. So damn good btw! I came home about eight o’clock.

Thursday: Me and my family took a trip to all kinds of electronic stores(Elgiganten, Siba, MediaMarkt). We were gone all day.

Friday: And yet another day I spend by the TV. I watched the movie “John Tucker must die” with Sophia Bush.

Saturday: First I had a little “photo shoot” with myself, haha. Pictures will pe posted. An later Johanna came and we watched “John Tucker must die” (yes I saw that movie again) “A cinderella Story” and “Mr. Popper’s penguins”. We ate toasts, drank home make drinks and of course ate lots of candy, haha.

Sunday: Today, hmm.. The only thin´g I’ve done today is trying to finish this post and watching TV(Haha, you must see me as a TV- nerd). Later I’m gonna prepare for new years! Food, decorations and all that stuff!

28 December, 2012

Item of the week

This weeks item is iPhone!


27 December, 2012

New in

Bought champagne and cocktail glasses today at Ikea. Couldn’t resist! They are so nice! What are your plans for new years?