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6 January, 2013

Zayn, so true.


5 November, 2012

Just breathe

I saw this picture, and the first thing that came to my min was the song Just Breathe by Pearl Jam. So I thought I should share it here with you guys.
The first time i heard this song was in the tv-series One Tree Hill, I listened to it and I liked it, because it was in One Tree Hill of course, but anyways. It had a sound that I never heard before. I think it sounds like western, and it has a bit country over it all.It’s a beautiful song and you won’t regret that you listened to it. Give it a chanse.

The time is what, 6.47 pm, and I have to study for my math test. All the boring stuff you could think off, that’s exactly what this test is about! And all the funny stuff you could think of, thats the things I can’t do now.

Wish me luck! xoxo